His Story

The Cape Buffalo Bull on our Logo

He stands his ground. He engages you directly, eye to eye.

Robert Ruark wrote in Horne Of The Hunter :- “When he looks at you, you owe him money

Great Videos, worth watching:

See one of the worlds most viewed event on YouTube, “The battle at Kruger“. Over 80 million have logged in to watch, “The battle at Kruger”. 

A Buffalo face off against six lions that take a buffalo calf. Two crocodiles fight the lions for the calf. The lions pull the calf off the crocodiles. The buffalo charge back, fight the lions and get their calf back, alive!
(This enthralling 8 minute wild life struggle filmed by a park visitor on holiday from Texas) 

On National Geographic channel look for “Relentless Enemies“, a great battle in the Okavango Delta between a herd of buffalo and three prides of lions.

This is the real life experience of encountering the Cape Buffalo, he is brave, unpredictable, totally committed in his charge.  Cape bulls sort their individual ranking early in life. Play fights become sparing matches that establish each bull’s order of dominance and ranking for life. This prevents serious fights between mature bulls. One herd of 500 buffalo by Lake Manyara, in Tanzania, has been closely monitored for over 30 years. Only one fight between mature Bulls has ever been witnessed. They both died.
(Look for The African Boss. A documentary of the buffalos life story filmed at Lake Manyara Tanzania)

A bulls life is dominated by grazing. He must gain top condition to mate.  No cow will stand for a low ranking bull. She rejects all suitors that do not satisfy her requirements. She chooses the bull. Only when she is satisfied, will she stand for him to accept his hard won genes.  The life of a bull is highly dangerous. He must leave the security of the herd and go it alone in Lion country. He knows this is where he will find the best quality grazing. Out there, the stakes are high for the hunter and hunted. Lions rarely recover from a buffalo’s horn.  A male lion with full pride strength are required to bring down a ton of fighting bull. This is where our bull earns his stripes to be a herd sire.

One of Africa’s big five, the Cape Buffalo commands instant respect. If you stand on his ground to face him, his look confirms one thing. You owe him money.