Nitro Express shoulder bag design

Useful and secure for planes, waiting in airports, taxis and buses – travelling in general. And very handy & comfortable while walking out in the countryside and bush and boulevard

The interior also has a durable but soft quality finish, the image below shows the very useful finger-deep mini pockets inside the main compartment, all secured by the strong zipper

About those useful pockets …

Style: Impala. 3 internal mini-pockets

Pockets, left to right:
iPhone, keys, sunglasses.
Main compartment:
Scarf, binoculars & snacks.

Style: Gazelle. 6 internal mini-pockets

Empty main compartment, showing the same quality finish inside, and the mini-pockets, 3 on each side.

Style: Gazelle. Slim front pocket

Useful for documents like maps, travel brochures, newspapers & magazines.